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Your Info-Recreation Box !
Here comes the fifth generation PC-TV, WisoCap , that frees you from all kinds of hassels that once plagued the preceding counterparts. Integrating not only the TV but also a FM radio that need no interface card, no speaker cables. As simple as plug into an USB port of a regular PC or Notebook computer. No need of a dedicated external power supply !

WisoCap can transform the audio-video signal from a cable TV (Or air TV) into digital signal via an internal VHF/UHF/FM tuner. This digitized signal will be transmitted from the USB port onto the PC CPU for data decompression, then demonstrating on the screen of a CRT monitor or the LCD display of a Notebook computer. The audio output will be coming out from the PC internal sound card, which resembling to the sound quality of a CD player or a FM radio. Whether you're using a desktop PC or a portable Notebook computer, as long as there's an root USB port with sufficient bandwidth, you can always need no worry about the power supply problem, because the power can be acquired from the USB port, which is as low as 200mW.
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With such an "e" generation portable device, all you need is a Windows base OS. For all Win98 or SE or ME or Win2000 or Windows XP, as long as the speed of the CPU is higher than 200MHz, you can easily acquire a high quality picture from a TV signal via the "Direct Show" technology. "Direct Show" is such a major breakthrough that enhance the picture quality of a digitized video signal, which lead us all the way into 21st century.

With help from the IR remote control unit, you don't need to chasing after the Mouse any longer to mute the speaker of the PC, but simply touch the "Mute" button on the unit whenever there's an incoming call. When there comes a fabulous picture that you barely have any time to have one more glimpse, simply push the "Snap" button to capture that ephemeral picture at your command. Each of this captured file can be saved and edited at your disposal. Whenever you need to shuffle between the TV and FM radio, or adjust the output volume, the remote control unit can easily let you choose among the channels of a TV or FM radio, and adjust the volume accordingly. Teletextmodel provides you additional data information, you can view, search and saving the necessary data files to PC hard disk.

Images captured by WisoCap: (Click on left and right images to see the TV display on 640x480 and 1024x768 windows)
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WisoCap is such a joy bringer that not only bring forth the entertainment, but also help you to memorize each precious moment by the video capture capability. Besides that, WisoCap can also capture the images from V8 tape's or DV or any TV standard video, allow you to manipulate such a file at your wish. Whenever you get tire from the tedious working on your computer, why not taking a break and let the built-in FM radio takes your weary away.

Manufactured by Wiso Electronics Co., Ltd. , Since 1972