(B) Software Specifications :


Win 98 / Win 2000 with root USB port, PC speed starts from 200MHZ

Display Size 1024x768 Pixels (Full Screen Window)
640 x 480 Pixels
352 x 288 Pixels
320 x 240 Pixels
176 x 144 Pixels
160 x 120 Pixels
Each can be selected from on screen software or by external IR remote control unit.
Default size : 320 x 240.

Image Formats YUV 4:2:0 Compression supported

Frame Rate 15 - 30 fps, depends on display size and PC loading and actual speed.

Video Compression Mode SP44 / SP40 / I420 / RGB24 Output.
Default Mode : SP44.

TV Interface CCIR 601 / 656 YUV 422 Both single channel and dual channels are supported.

Video Color Parameters Brightness / Contrast / Hue / Saturation / Sharpness etc. are adjustable and memory setting.

Audio Quality

6 Audio PCM Sampling Rates :
DefaultĄG44,100HZ It's quality equal to CD-Audio grade.

TV Capture

TV and Video input can be captured and stored into hard disk(avi and mpg files format are available).
Disk Memory requirement(average) :
0.70MB / Sec @ 352 x 288 size
0.67MB / Sec @ 320 x 240 size
Depending on PC speed and loading.

TV Snap Un-limit the snap number and the image size, to be stored as BMP 24 bits file.
Disk Memory requirement: Depending on the image size
Ex. 334KB per image for 320 x 240 pixel size

Software Control Items Functions for both IR Remote Control and AP "WisoTuner" :
TV Channel Control :1-125
Favour Channels No.:0-125 (Un-limit)
Direct Channel Input
Channel Up / Down
Mem CH. UP / Down
Memry Channel add / delete
Volume Steps : 16
FM Scan Up / Down
FM +-2MHZ Scan Up / Down per each scan
FM Station Memories : 20
FM Station Memories Recall
TV / FM / AV input selections
Display Size Selection : 5
Snap Control with date/time stamp

Additional Functions from "WisoTuner" AP :
TV Channel Pre-Scan : 1-125CH
TV Input Selection : CATV / Air
AV Input Selection : AV / SVideo

Additional Function from "WisoCap" AP :
Hardware Snap(bmp file)
Video Capture (avi file)
TV Standard Selections :
1. NTSC(M)
2. NTSC(N)
3. NTSC(4.43/50Hz)
4. NTSC(4.43/60Hz)
6. PAL(M)
7. PAL(4.43/60Hz)
8. PAL(Combination/N)
Systems cover world wide.
Audio Sampling Rate Selection
Video Color Parameter Adjust
USB Bandwidth Selection : 1- 6
Audio Microphone Input Switch
Video Display Horizontal Flip
Video / Audio Drivers Selection

TV Channel Scanning


"WisoPad" displays the status of the TV Channels in service and memos each available channels.


Manufactured by Wiso Electronics Co., Ltd. , Since 1972