(A) Hardware SpecificationˇG
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TV RF Input

Frequency : 50 - 806MHZ
F - Connector

FM RF Input FM 87.5 - 108MHZ
FM 76.0 - 108MHZ (Japan)

F or IEC Connector match to area.

125 Channels

Air TV
69 Channels (VHF / UHF Band )

Includes World Wide Standard
(Please refer to Software Specifications)

A / V Input Level : 0.8 - 1.5V Max
RCA Jack

SVideo Input C / Y Signal Input
SVideo Socket

Microphone Input PC Microphone. Single Channel Input, Stereo earphone plug.

Audio Output
PC Sound Card(Internal)
Micphone Jack(Plug and Play to external speaker amplifer)

Keys On Panel
ON / OFF key
TV - FM - AV Switching Key
Snap Software Turn On Key

USB Cable 150CM with Type A USB Connector.

Power Consumption 5V 200MW, Powered by USB Port.
(Note: USB Cable must be plugged to USB root port, don't connect to low speed low power USB Hub port)

IR Remote
Control Unit
25 Keys, AAA Size 1.5V batteries 2 pcs, battery life 1-2 years

IR Remote Control Items
Power On - Off
TV-FM-AV Switching
Channel Control
Volume Control
Memory Channel Control
FM Radio Control
20 FM Memory Channels Control
Digit 0 - 9 Input Keys
Display Size Control
Snap AP Turn On
(Please refer to Software Specifications)

Manufactured by Wiso Electronics Co., Ltd. , Since 1972